If you have ever been on the water paddling for more than a half hour, you’ll quickly appreciate the lightweight and strength of a KAHUNA Paddle. Metal or Aluminum is out - Carbon or Fiberglass depending on your budget is the answer.

KAHUNA offers 5 models of paddles, 3 of which are our “High Performance” Carbon Fiber, and 2 that are our “Price Point” Fiberglass Shaft with a Plastic Blade and Rubber Blade protector. When it comes to Carbon Fiber paddles, stiff, light & quality is what we are known for. They come in 3 models, a One Piece (1pc), the Two Piece Adjustable (2pc), and a Three Piece Adjustable (3pc). All Carbon Fiber paddles have the same size Dynamic Torque Blade and build in ABS paddle guard.

The Fiberglass shafted paddles with plastic blade and rubber paddle guard are for the recreational paddler, rental, or the adventure river paddler. They are available in both 2pc & 3pc.

The adjustable paddles have a size range for paddle enthusiasts from 5’0” to 6’5”. If you are taller, or shorter than that range we suggest the 1pc paddle so you can trim it to length. All KAHUNA 2pc & 3pc paddles come with our “Power Clamp”, they are awesome, no twist and easy to adjust.

For 2016 the 3pc Carbon Fiber and the 3pc Fiberglass paddles come with a lighter double action “Blade Clamp”. Check them out, you’ll be impressed, they work great.

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