Founded in 2009, KAHUNA Paddleboards is a Whistler-based stand up paddleboard (SUP) manufacturer fuelled by a passion for paddling all over Canada. Whether you are riding waves on the coasts or paddling from lake to lake through cottage country, KAHUNA paddleboards are versatile enough to smoothly handle a range of conditions. At KAHUNA, our mission is to provide a top quality product at a reasonable price point.

KAHUNA Paddleboards are designed by longtime Whistler resident, Steve Legge. Steve has been a SUP enthusiast since 2005 and has worked with numerous shapers to perfect the paddleboarding experience. Committed to industry leadership, Steve has designed boards that are shorter and wider with a long rocker line to ensure fast gliding in all types of water, while still providing maximum stability.

Having fun on the water with friends and family is core to the paddleboarding culture. The relaxation and strength benefits are just a bonus! We hope you enjoy our products and look forward to seeing you on the water.


My mission is to design paddleboards that are versatile enough to glide along the lakes of the Canadian Muskokas, and stable enough for an ocean-bound trip to Tofino. As a dedicated SUP enthusiast since 2005, I’ve ridden the wave from long, skinny boards to more sophisticated designs. KAHUNA Paddleboards was born from my desire to create shorter, stable boards that glide really well.

KAHUNA designs have a small squash tail that keeps the volume up, but has shorter length for manoeuvrability. The spoon-shaped nose handles choppy conditions when lakes get rough, and tackles surf with ease. I believe you’ll find all this and more with my shapes. Enjoy the ride!

Regards, Steve