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Yacht Braid (/foot)

White / Blue
White / Red
White / White
White / Black

RIGBY RLS - Radial Low Stretch polyester is the finest yacht braid available.  Starting with 100% High Tenacity Polyester, RIGBY RLS is manufactured with a 5-stage pre-stretching process.  Durable, flexible, easy to splice, and exceeds Cordage Institute standards for strength.  Available in the widest size and color range on the market.  Manufactured in North America by Rigby Technologies.


1/4" Breaking Strength: 2200lbs

3/16" Breaking Strength: 2800lbs

5/16" Breaking Strength: 3200lbs

3/8" Breaking Strength: 4200lbs

7/16" Breaking Strength: 5500lbs

1/2" Breaking Strength: 7200lbs