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Vinyl Ester Resin 5g

An unwaxed epoxy-based vinyl ester resin designed to provide superior toughness and high corrosion resistance. The resin can tolerate heavy design loads without causing failure from resin damage, exhibits high impact strength and is resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalis, bleaches and solvents which allows extensive use in many chemical processing industry applications. Available in promoted or unpromoted. Requires M.E.K.P. Catalyst for Curing The table below contains the catalyst chart when using MEKP to catalyze Polyester Resins & Gelcoats. The MEKP Catalyst must be used or the resin or gelcoat will not cure. CATALYST CHART Catalyst Volume 25°C 20°C 15°C 10°C 10 ml per litre or 10 drops per oz. 30 min. 2 hr. 4 hr. --- 15 ml per litre or 15 drops per oz. --- 30 min. 2 hr. 4 hr. 20 ml per litre or 20 drops per oz. --- --- 40 min. 2 hr. NOTE: Working time is approximately 25% of above cure times. Avoid working in extreme temperature or direct sunlight. WARNING: MEKP Catalyst is a hazardous substance. Use with extreme caution. Contact with eyes may cause blindness. In case of contact, flush with water, consult physician immediately. Vapour is harmful, use adequate ventilation during application.