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The proven SmartCap® is a new, air tight, reusable, and money saving CAULKING TUBE CAP. HELPS PREVENT PREMATURE DRY-OUT & BLOCKAGE, so product is fresh every time you need it. It also functions as a convenient MEMBRANE PUNCTURE TOOL, which prevents searching for a long nail or wire. It's Protected Industrial Design technology is intended to plug, seal and enable safe storage of partially used product of caulking type tubes for proven tested periods of over 36 months (Acrylic based caulking.) Simply cut off caulking tube tip, and insert SmartCap® with puncture pin. Made in Canada! It's like opening a new tube every time! Instructions: #1 Cut off your new caulking tube tip to make a small angled opening in spout. #2 Insert "SmartCap®" pin with cap tightly into spout. This will puncture caulking membrane. Your tube is now ready to use. #3 When finished caulking, push "SmartCap®" with pin into tube spout until snug. #4 Tube is ready for storage in a dry, cool, out of a direct sunlit area. It's that easy!