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JEFbond 99 airosol carpet adhesive

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General Purpose Adhesive designed to work on urethane foam, fabrics, metals, wood, paper, leather, and is an excellent adhesive for urethane foam backed headliner fabrics to molded headliner substrates. It is not recommended for headliner applications directly to metal surfaces where it would be exposed to the heat applied by direct sunlight. Utilizes a fan spray tip with lace spray pattern to give excellent control and low soak for a soft, pliable bond. Fast tacking and economical. Not recommended for non-backed vinyl fabric. Materials being bonded must be clean and dry, free of grease, oils, dirt, paint and moisture. Can be used single surface on porous material, or two surface for non-porous. Recommended tack time for single and two surface applications is two minutes to a maximum of 5 minutes.