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Expedition 21

Cockpit Configuration

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This kayak is fast, very fast.  We designed a long double that can be paddled and handled without a rudder on day trips.  If you’re planning extended trips on large bodies of water, you will want a rudder kit.  Like all long double sea kayaks the Trillium requires a rudder to make quick turns possible.  The rudder kit is also available from us.  (See price list.)  The Expedition is intended to be used as a double kayak.  It will carry two paddlers and all their gear (maximum 650 lbs.) on extended trips, and comes with two seats and two sets of footbraces.  Its narrow design is intended to give the paddlers better speed with less effort than a wider hull.  Its multi-chine (four) hull captures the imagination and its clean shape helps it slide through the water with ease.



Dimensions: 20' 6" long; 29" beam

Weight: 66 lbs. (approx.)