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Dahlar® Release Bag 125 /Yard

Dahlar® Release Bag 125 is an economical film designed for release film applications. It can be used for cures up to 285°F (140°C) and will release from most resins associated with aerospace, marine, and recreational products. This formulation has improved tear resistance and elongation over products previously offered as low temperature, multiple process films. Dahlar® Release Bag 125 is the ideal release film for polyester or vinyl ester resins as well as epoxies and phenolics. ✔ Good elongation and strength reduces tearing and bridging in corners, so less rework on resin rich corners. ✔ Softness of film reduces wrinkle marks on parts, improving surface finish and reducing hand finishing. ✔ Inexpensive film reduces the cost of medium temperature vacuum bagging processes.