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Duet 16


The prototype for the Duet 16 (a double kayak) was finished in the spring of 2000 and is now in production. The Duet 16 has a roomy cockpit, two seats, and is a beautiful boat for day trips around the lake cabin, fishing, and drifting down rivers. It’s multi-chine (four) hull is very stable. You and a companion can pack enough gear, in her hatches, for a week or more. Though designed as a double the Duet 16 can be paddled as a single kayak. Larger paddlers will appreciate the spacious cockpit. I found her light, lively and maneuverable when paddling her alone.

The Duet is great for paddlers who want a wider, more stable boat, with a little more comfort. If more legroom is required or a large load is being carried, the front seat can easily be removed.

Dimensions: 16’ long; 30” beam

Weight: 50 lbs.