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General Purpose Unwaxed Resin 5 Gallon

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T-140 is an unwaxed orthophthalic general purpose polyester laminating resin which exhibits a moderate exotherm temperature and cure to allow for thicker laminate applications.
An unwaxed resin is generally referred to as a laminating resin. When fully cured, the surface will remain slightly tacky. This type of material is generally used in multiple lamination's such as laying up a mold.

Requires M.E.K.P catalyst for curing

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The table below contains the catalyst chart when using MEKP to catalyze Polyester Resins & Gelcoats. The MEKP Catalyst must be used or the resin or gelcoat will not cure.


Catalyst Volume 25°C 20°C 15°C 10°C
10 ml per litre or 10 drops per oz. 30 min. 2 hr. 4 hr. ---
15 ml per litre or 15 drops per oz. --- 30 min. 2 hr. 4 hr.
20 ml per litre or 20 drops per oz. --- --- 40 min. 2 hr. 

NOTE: Working time is approximately 25% of above cure times. Avoid working in extreme temperature or direct sunlight.

WARNING: MEKP Catalyst is a hazardous substance. Use with extreme caution. Contact with eyes may cause blindness. In case of contact, flush with water, consult physician immediately. Vapour is harmful, use adequate ventilation during application.