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1.7 oz. Kevlar Cloth per Ft

Kevlar is a high strength (5 times that of steel), high modulus (75% of carbon fiber) aramid fiber. Aramid is technically an aromatic polyamide, which is a complex hydrocarbon and a distant cousin of nylon.  Kevlar is the most impact resistant fiber on the market, also exhibits the highest tensile strength and highest resistance to damage, vibration and crack propagation. However, Kevlar has very low compressive strength, so it is recommended that laminates carrying bending or compression loads have carbon fiber incorporated into the laminate to provide adequate stiffness. Kevlar is also hygroscopic, ultra violet sensitive and un-sandable, thus it is not recommended as a sheathing or outer ply of the laminate. Kevlar¨ is categorized by weight per sq. yd., available in a cloth weave and sold by the running yard.

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